KittenCapital is a *venture vehicle* set-up by Christopher Quigley.   We’re focused on helping grow the unusual into the usual;  the non-obvious into the obvious; challenger ideas into profitable ideas.  

We’re collaborative in our approach, always wanting to work with the best people in a specific field.  We grow by providing a mixture of human capital and capital capital ($$$).  To date we’ve helped grow x4 successful ventures, in a range of different areas, but all with one thing in common: each was an unusual idea when launched, but which set out to transform its sector and make a difference.  Delib to the world of democracy; Rubber Republic to the world of advertising; Sharethrough (via the acquisition of VAN) to the world of media; Alarm Monitoring Company (AMCO) to the world of home security and smart homes.

Chris Q and Shaan Puri from  Monkey Inferno  at #KittenCamp San Francisco

Chris Q and Shaan Puri from Monkey Inferno at #KittenCamp San Francisco

We’re now focused on growing more ideas.  The three main areas we’re focused on are

  • New publishing models: we’re generally interested in how the world of publishing is changing, and what new publishing companies may look like in the future, how to grow these publishing companies and specific technologies that can help give publishers the edge.  Specific areas we’re investigating in particular include: how publishers can optimise their first party data, the future role of email in publishing, monetising / scaling niche interest publishers and optimised operations for publishing companies.
  • Smart home technologies: adoption of smart home technologies is starting to scale, largely driven by a new wave of smart security technology.  Within the context of our involvement in AMCO, specific areas we’re interested in are: the evolution of smart home platforms (from the likes of Google / Amazon / Apple), the role of data in smart homes (along with data ownership and data monetisation), the role of new smart devices in security and 3rd party monitoring (including alarm monitoring).
  • Civic tech: since setting up Delib in 2004, the civic tech space has slowly been maturing, but excitingly in the last few years rocketed (in relative government-style terms) in growth.  Within the context of Delib we’re interested in the idea of ‘government as a platform’, where apps can be used by citizens to build civic and commercial value from government.  We’re also interested in looking at whether civic tech can scale globally in a similar way to other tech - given the context of different governmental systems.

We’re always open to new ideas and new people to collaborate with.  Check out open opportunities here and contact us here.  And if you'd like to learn more about the whys of KittenCapital, read our launch blog here, or join us at our next #KittenCamp event here.